The FMCS 2017 Symposium is Coming Up Fast!

For those not in the know, FMCS is the Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society. This society has a year symposium, where either training and/or talks takes place. This is THE place to be to learn about mollusks from all over the world by the leading experts, and the meeting is coming up fast. The meeting is scheduled for March 26-30, 2017 at the Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center, in Cleveland, Ohio. Currently there are plans for three days of presentations on a variety of topics that focus on Ecosystems, Engineering, Valuation, and Practice – The Roles of Freshwater Mollusks in a Changing Environment.

The Symposium will bring together regulators, researchers, consultants, and enthusiasts in a forum that will allow for collaborative opportunities and information exchange. It is currently anticipate that there will be four plenary sessions on the following themes:

(1) Mollusks in Ecosystems – Implications for a Changing Environment

(2) Mollusks as Ecosystem Engineers - Species to Landscape Level Review

(3) Value of Mollusks (monetary, human, and ecosystems)

(4) A Review in Mollusk Research – Lessons Learned from Research to Regulation to Practice


A number of internationally recognized keynote speakers will present the state of current research on these topics and hopefully spark debate and interest in research needs concerning the many ways mollusks affect society and ecosystems. In addition to presentations there are two workshops planned: A unionid taxonomic workshop from Dr. Tom Watters on mussels of the Upper Ohio and Great Lakes region, and a gastropod identification and sampling workshop by the FMCS Gastropod Status and Distribution Committee.

All of ESI’s staff will be present at the meeting, working both as staff (Emily Robbins is the current Treasurer), and presenting various findings and research that ESI has been conducting over the past year. Make sure to get your “foot” (mussel joke!) in the door for meeting, so that you can come meet us at FMCS.